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Speedbump -Blastin' Atcha! by dinshino
Speedbump -Blastin' Atcha!
EDIT: Seems I missed some fine print on the contest vid's description (or it was added after I watched the vid, IDK).

Because blocky feet are cool.

My entry for BWTMT's Epic Lego Transformer Contest.
I'll add more to this (probably) and more photos (definitely) once voting starts.

Video link!…

AFFILIATION: Minicon - - - - - -[has a transtector of his own design]
ALIGNMENT: chaotic good (he often gets ahead of himself)

A somewhat impatient and fairly impulsive scientist, some might call "mad". He's a bit short-sighted and often runs into obstacles which force him to slow down. Thus earning him the monicker "Speedbump".

Speedbump was a minicon scientist until that fatefull day when he was saved by STAR SABER. This encounter prompted Speedbump to try reverse engineering Brainmaster technology so he could be big and important too. Due to the lack of research materrial and "suitable donors", he had to opt for working his prototype from a fallen headmaster's transtector. Because of this, Speedbump had to improvise. A LOT. He had to guess on a number of things ESPECIALLY for the stat boosts provided by a proper brainmaster. But he was determined to make himself into a bigger, better, stronger bot. Often opting for self experimentation instead of running simulation modules and using a few shortcuts here and there.
One of the downside of the short-cuts he used for stat boosting and his over-eagerness was that it made being in his transtector highly addictive (but he's working on that). The other downside is that instead of any one stat getting a massive boost, he just got a moderate boost across the board.

STATS (w/o transtector):
Intelligence: 7

STATS (w/ transtector):
Intelligence: 9
Found this and felt like doing it

1.- Who's your favorite YouTuber? :3

Uhhh...... That's a toughy. Why limit oneself to just one?
Erutan Music , Jillian Aversa , and supershigi, David Choi, The Lair of Voltaire for music.
, Extra Credits, and PBS Idea Channel  for vids that make me think.
TeamFourStar, YOCAST Kim, Duncan, Simon and Lewis for funny stuff.

2.- Cheese or Candy? .3.
Going to steal Ravenpuff's answer. It depends on my mood. Even I can get tired of mint from time to time (I think literally only twice). And you can't beat a good gouda or munster wheel.

3.- Favorite character (Of any anime/series/cartoons you watch XD)

SOOOO MANY CHOICES. Calamity Jane from `The Legend of Calamity Jane' (a seriously underated cartoon which you can find the entirety of on YouTube), Dinobot (I'm rewatching Beast Wars), Lion-O from the Thundercats reboot (HOW DID IT NOT GET ANOTHER SEASON?!?), Garnet from `Steven Universe'

4.- What do you link up with?: Dark or Light? :3
I don't understand the question. My alignment is neutral good, if that's what you're asking.

5.- Why are you awesome? o3o
I'm a "walking contradiction, the sum of many dualities".
Mostly because of my tendancy to over-think and over-analyze things and my ability to make large linking logical steps that seem pretty random to most people (sometimes even after I try to explain how we got from one topic to another).

I tag littlewing1985, beanpop, and boot-cheese-3000


Daniel Rush (guess which one!)
United States
I only draw with pencil and paper. Most of my color work is with colored pencil. I make masks of clay as well as toys from an assortment of materials. I'm an amateur photographer and generally photoshop the hell out of failed pictures.

Current Residence: Emporia, KS
Favourite genre of music: Just about all electronica
Operating System:
Favourite cartoon character: I've watched too many cartoons to really be able to pick less than 10
Personal Quote: If you you never try, you never fail. However; if you never try, you never succeed.

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